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The resulting effect is called the Casmir force, and it increases in strength the closer the plates get, but vanishes once the plates make actual physical contact -- or when the plates are so close together that zero-point wavelengths no longer see a perfectly conducting surface.

This Casmir effect is often sited as evidence of a sea of zero-point energy throughout the universe.

Calphysics Institute: Introduction to Zero-Point Energy

Another possible manifestation of the ZPF might be the cosmological constant so well used in cosmology; some say it might be a measure of this zero-point energy. One calculation even puts the energy of a cubic centimeter of empty space at around a trillionth of an erg; not much, but collect that over all of space and you still get infinity.

In , Albert Einstein and Otto Stern performed an analysis of the specific heat of hydrogen at low temperatures, and discovered the available data was best fit if the vibrational energy was represented by the equation: Even with the temperature, T, at absolute zero, you can see how the first term drops out to zero as well, but we are still left with the second term as the minimum energy retained.

This is the zero-point energy for hydrogen -- and space being filled with the stuff -- that alone would fill the vacuum with zero-point electromagnetic radiation. Another derivation of the ZPF comes, as mentioned before, from the uncertainty principle. For a given particle, one cannot know both its position and momentum at the same time -- with the least possible uncertainty being proportional to planck's constant.

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This uncertainty relates to the inherent quantum fuzziness of energy and matter due to their wave-like nature. Thus, one cannot have a particle lying motionless at the bottom of its potential well, for then you would know both its position and energy with absolute certainty.

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So, the lowest possible energy of a given system must be greater than the minimum potential of the well -- its zero-point energy. This leads us to postulate the collective potential of all particles everywhere with their individual zero-point energies merging into one universal zero point field. If thoughts equal energy and energy equals matter, than thoughts become matter. Observe your thoughts as they will manifest themselves in your life in the natural via the ZPF. His website is peterbaksa.

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But although their theories predict that it should exist, and their experiments also confirm that it does, physicists have not been able to answer the most fundamental of questions: Where does the zero-point energy come from? Usually, though, the zero-point energy is unobserved. Formally, physicists attribute an infinite amount of energy to this background.

But, even when they impose appropriate cutoffs at high frequency, they estimate conservatively that the zero-point density is comparable to the energy density inside an atomic nucleus. Because the numbers that describe the zero-point energy are so enormous, theorists have often questioned whether they should be taken seriously.

Science: Where does the zero-point energy came from?

Some have suggested that they may arise simply because the quantum theory has some defect, or because physicists are not interpreting it correctly. Despite such arguments, though, no one can doubt that the fields associated with the zero-point energy produce physical consequences which are measurable in the laboratory.

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One example is the Lamb shift of the spectral lines of an atom. Another measurable consequence of the fields associated with the zero-point energy is the Casimir effect. This is an attractive force that appears between two metal plates that are closely spaced. The Casimir force is due to so-called radiation pressure from the zero-point energy of the background electromagnetic field.

Mysteries of physics: vacuum zero-point energy

In the Zero-Point Universe reasonable explanations for force interactions, are identified by ignoring old theories that rely on action at a distance, since magical force transmission is obviously false. There is only one thing we know to be present through the vacuum of space and that is zero-point energy; hence every force interaction must be transmitted by and through the zero point field.

Along the way the following facts reveal themselves: The vacuum is not composed of virtual photons as any conceptualization of virtual photons exceeds the energy limits of the quantum harmonic oscillator and the detection limits allow under the Uncertainty Principle. Instead the vacuum must be thought of as a sea of charged dipoles, virtual electron-positron pairs or virtual proton-antiproton pairs, zero-point energy. It is then discovered that photons are not fundamental particles, or shall we say re-discovered.

It has been known for many decades that a photon can be thought of as a virtual electron-positron pair over the course of a half wavelength. What physicists have missed is that this truly is a fundamental description of a photon. Photons are composed of a series of virtual particle pairs, with the surrounding zero-point field polarized and rotating around it forming the electric and magnetic fields.

Photons are simply a mechanism for transporting packets of energy through the zero-point field. A precessing gyroscope generates an upward force equivalent in magnitude to gravity. This additional force is not gravity, it is also not any of the three other forces in the Standard Model. It is a true fifth force, the Matter Force.