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His ashram was situated on the river bank of Kshipra.

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It was a renowned ashram, so Krishna came to study there from Mathura. There he made a friendship with one student. The student's name was Sudama. He was a poor brahmin boy from Porbundar. There were many followers of Maharaj in Bhuj. Ladhibai was one of them.

She had become a widow at a very early age. She always meditated God, day and night. Maharaj visited her many times Once Laduba was returning to Gadhada in a chariot. It was summer. The sun was bright. She saw some saints seated along the roadside. On inquiry, she found that one of the saints had fallen ill and was unable to walk.

On hearing this, she was full of tears.

She got down from the chariot at once. Swami Brahmananda was himself Ladudanjee.

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There is an incident in his life. He had the Darshan of Shreeji Maharaja for the first time. This Darshan had so great an effect on Ladudanjee that he never returned home. He finally decided to devote his life in the service of Shreeji Maharaja. His maternal uncle Ghanshyam Maharaj left home on Ashadh Sud 10 at the tender age of 11 years, 3 months, and 1 day. Ghanshyam Maharaj woke up earlier then normal in the morning to avoid being seen by others as He left.

After completing his pooja, He collected the essential items to take with Him After coming down from the Navlakha Mountain, the Lord came to a fountain of hot water called Wadwa kund. Bhagwan then visited the ashram of Kapilbhagwan - the founder of Shankhyayoga. From there bhagwan went to Jagganathpuri After giving moksha to Gopalyogi, bhagwan moving in Bengal came to a town called Sirpur, which was ruled by a religious king called SiddhaVallabh.

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On the request of the king bhagwan stayed there for the Chaturmas. Because of the excellent nature of God, the king kept a Sadhu named gopaldas in bhagwans service. After leaving the Kamakshi town, Bhagwan went straight to Navlakha Mountain. That mountain is known as Navlakho because there were nine lakh siddhas doing their penance there. It is said that when Sukdevji, the son of Vyas muni were about to be born on earth, Sukdevji asked for Is my luck tough!

Give me permission, I myself will go to Bhuj. Young Ghanshyam loved to bathe in rivers and brooks. He would jump into the river even though the river would be flooded. He would never stand idle when he saw someone drowning, he would readily jump into the river, and would save the drowning person. He had such understanding even at an early age. He had a group Child Ghanshyam was just beginning to crawl. Will he become an emperor? Will he become a Sovereign by conquering all countries? Will he become the richest man?

Will he became a great merchant Lord Swaminarayan sat down with prominent saints and servants, closed His eyes and peacefully left His mortal body and returned to Akshardham, on the 10th day of the bright half of the month of Jeth VS 1st June AD , aged 49 years 2 months and 1 day In the morning of Ekadashi, gods were installed and mahapuja done. Ramananda Swami also explained Shreeji Maharaj was fond of giving dinner to others with love.

Once he was in a certain village. There he gave a dinner to the whole village. People who were outsiders and happened to visit this village were also lovingly offered food. The whole village with its visitors dined, Thus Shriji Maharaj's mother was mother of all. And thus Gangama became the mother of all.

She would serve hot and fresh food We roam from village to village on foot, braving cold, heat and rain, only for their welfare. I want to make my devotees faultless. So meditating I count these beads of rosary Mansi Pooja or mental worship is a kind of worship in which the devotee serves Maharaj as if Maharaj is standing before the devotee to receive all His oblations.

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This mode of worship is the best spiritual means that increase our love for Maharaj. Mansi Pooja is offered five times a day. There is a small town in Saurashtra named Manavadar. There lived a brahmin. His name was Mayaram Bhatt. Once he was going to a nearby village riding on his horse.

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On the way, he met two ladies, a mother and a daughter. Would you kindly take her on your horse? I have been telling all the time that I am merely a harbunger [announcer of the coming of Great Master].

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The real player is yet to come. Now he has come. Prabhu Varniraj set off to the south of the Pulhasharam after paying tributes to other muktapurushas doing their penance and offering prayers to Muktinath. Varniraj went into a dense forest crossing over many rivers, lakes and mountains.

The forest was so dense that no sunlight reached In Loj village resided fifty saints including muktananda swami of the Uddhav Sampraday founded by Ramananda swami who were the incarnation of Udhhavji. Amongst them a saint named Sukhananda came to the Vaav to take a bath. Where are you When Bhagwan set off from Jagganathpuri, he had made up his mind not to stay at one place except for religious duties and penance but being of a very high philanthropy and mercifull on the sufferings of the people, Bhagwan had to stay more than required to relieve people and devotees from evil and pain.

Once while walking towards There is a pond named Shravan Talavadi. A fair was held there. At this fair, bathing in the pond was considered important.

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So Dharmdev and others came to the fair. Young Ghanshyam also accompanied them. A mendicant friar Saint was sitting on its bank in a typical posture. Some blind persons He used to compose Sanskrit hymns and verses which he recited before Shreeji Maharaj. But unfortunately the seeds of doubt about the Godhead of Shreeji Maharaj were sown in his mind by Swami Nirvikalpanand, the unfortunate one, who was expelled from the Satsang, the group of followers. Because of the power of the penance, the idol of peace, all the saints very surprised and started talking to each other: We have seen so many saints but none like Varniraj who are of such a tender age.

Nilkanth varni penance and the young age!