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Oh, I promise, the nearest thing to nuzzling an angel can be yours—today! Her story--as well as tales of an order of deep-sea diving nuns caring for a sunken chapel and a high school boy asked to prom by the only dead kid he's ever met--can be found in A. Wise's newest collection of the fantastical, the weird, the queer and the poignant. Wise was born and raised in Montreal, and currently lives in the Philadelphia area.

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Wise pulls marvel after marvel out of her bag of tricks, and it still seems bottomless. Her stories are filled with wonder and magic. A pleasure to inhabit, one distinct universe at a time. Mar 13, ij rated it really liked it Shelves: fiction , short-stories , , africa , nigeria. Jan 26, Shari rated it really liked it Shelves: classic. War is a theme that I have a hard time getting to read and like in any kind of literature. Be it classic, sci-fi, fantasy, historical fiction, non-fiction, I always have to force myself to read passages that tell of fighting, bombing, destroying and killing.

Most of the time I skim to spare myself from the gore and horror. Once in a while, though, a story or book about war comes up in my reading that draws me in regardless of the pain and suffering it tells. This book is one of the very few. I a War is a theme that I have a hard time getting to read and like in any kind of literature. I am drawn to the women, like Gladys, who do what they can to survive and live another day.

Their stories, inspired by real wars that ravage African countries, focus not on the fighting but on the elements and characters in it and around it. Girls at War tells what war can do to people.


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For Achebe, everyone caught in one seems to be guilty and innocent at the same time. In war, action and intentions do not match and make sense anymore. Only survival rules, and to survive people would do things regardless of their previous lives and convictions. You would hate and admire the characters at the same time. And yet this contradiction makes sense. Things become upside down in war, including people. They are quite vivid, and yet do not preach nor blame. This is survival. View 2 comments. Feb 13, Susan Abulhawa rated it really liked it. It was a sad day when Chinua Achebe passed away.

This is another fruit of his literary brilliance.

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It's a collection of short stories set in Nigeria Igbo culture. The stories run through the Biafran War. Before during and after. Some are better than others. The narrative is economical and muscular - concise sentences that hold more words than are written. The characters are colorful and different, giving a deeper looking into their lives than one would expect from stories only a few pages long. The whole book is just over pages, an easy in a few hours. This collection of stories from three different decades feels a bit strange, just in the different personalities of the stories from different times.

The stories from the s and 60s often have a quiet gentility, an observational quality that was almost a little distancing for me. There's a real enjoyment in these 'social portrait' stories, please don't misunderstand me. For a relatively poor and untraveled fellow like me, the stories are a great opportunity to enjoy what the Chinese saying describes: "The reader can travel around the world without leaving his home.

It's also neat to see social critique within a culture "Vengeful Creditor" almost seems to be an embryonic version of A Man of the People , even though the story is five years younger than the satirical novel. It's a fascinating simultaneous embrace and criticism of one's own culture. But then come the last three stories from the aftermath of the Biafran War and a new intensity suffuses these stories. Survival means so much more, as do patriotism, loyalty, friendship, desire, and need. Instead of feeling small and distancing as it might have in the earlier stories, the narrator's harsh judgment of Cletus seems absolute and total.

Cletus has humiliated himself, abased his character and alienated a woman who loved him for a half dozen sugar cubes. We know everything about him we could ever need to know from the narrator's stories about him.

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In "Girls At War" and "Civil Peace", the various actors' strength of character, senses of honor, and personal ethics also come into sharpest relief. If they are great souls, it becomes clear. If they are venal, it shows.

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The desperation of the times reveals all, lays bare the inner fortitude of Achebe's characters. Maybe I am a victim of the small-minded dependency on war culture that Hedges described, but these three stories are those that most struck me in this beautiful little book.

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  • Mar 22, Kathleen rated it really liked it Shelves: literary , anthology , Chinua Achebe died today, and being a great believer in the maxim that dead authors live on in their books, I thought I would do my bit by reading something he wrote. I don't know if it was my age, my more advanced studies in history, or simply the fact that I did not have to analyze every word for meaning that got me, but I rea Chinua Achebe died today, and being a great believer in the maxim that dead authors live on in their books, I thought I would do my bit by reading something he wrote.

    I don't know if it was my age, my more advanced studies in history, or simply the fact that I did not have to analyze every word for meaning that got me, but I really enjoyed reading this book. It wasn't perfect. There were two or three stories that I simply didn't understand particularly Chike's School Days and Uncle Ben's Choice , but there were also two or three stories that made me cry Girls At War and Vengeful Creditor and two or three that resonated very strongly with me Civil Peace, Marriage is a Private Affair.

    I don't particularly know how to describe Girls At War and Other Stories: they're more or less short quick stories about everyday life, in Africa because that is everyday life for Achebe, but they are beautifully written and very affecting. I would definitely read this book again, and recommend it to readers. A slight note for violence and attempted murder must be made.

    Clearly the ebook was not pages. Only 68 or there about. I loved the book but I hated the pigensglish because I couldn't even infer what was being said from the narration. But these are great stories. Some of them are too short and others ended just as the story seemed to be picking up.

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    The shelling remark had me wondering what the woman meant and it took more reading for me to get the meaning. Such an expression. I will never forget the story of Akueke. She sure had spunk!

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    May 03, Amalia Lerma rated it really liked it. The outcome of the story I could relate it to their beliefs. The main idea is how strongly tradition is and how power can go to your head. He also suffered from several car accidents which one led him to become paralyzed from the waist down. In he was awarded the second Man Booker International Prize for having shared his literature in books and poems his whole life. Ndume Central School had always been unsuccessful so the school board decided to hire younger people to run it.

    Micheal Obi.

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    Obi was so confident in making this school run better than anyone had. He was excited to show the village how great he would run the school with the help of his wife. He think it looks bad for the school. At the end, a lady dies and all the work Obi had done with flowers and buildings were trampled and destroyed. One because it was short yet, it still provided a lot of points that made me want to keep reading.

    Lastly, it reminded of Goosebumps books. It starts off as a normal everyday life with a school having some difficulties. At the end the supernatural comes into play.