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This lends added weight to his statements, which are unusually disturbing, and makes it unlikely that they are a hoax Footnote 8. This is happening, because the traditional approach to environmental conservation is proving to be far too slow, expensive and inefficient.

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Ecology loses out for the time being, as there is still a huge lack of discernment on the part of the public as to the catastrophic situation in this area. A compromise is therefore being sought between short-term ecological measures and long-term incentives to bolster the world economy - with correspondingly uncertain prospects of success. Deep Shield also believes that many efforts to protect the environment are, at present, creating more problems than they solve.

For example, agricultural production losses due to public opposition to genetically modified foods are proving disastrous for many multinationals. Of course, one does not need to share his opinion to follow the line of argument.

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If, on the other hand, the aim were explicitly to prevent such a process of change, then things appear - alas! This is managed by a department - created expressly for this purpose - of the World Health Organisation, which delegates the practical implementation to NATO and the leading civil authorities, and sees to its coordination.

The structure is safeguarded by means of a contract binding all those involved to secrecy. The main factor here is the premature deaths of the elderly, and of people suffering from respiratory illnesses.

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Barium oxide has the property of binding carbon dioxide, one of the principle causative agents of global warming. This field can then be pulsed, from aircraft as well as from the earth, with extremely low-frequency ELF radio waves. This leads to massive electrostatic discharges in the region between the atmosphere and the stratosphere - artificially creating ozone in the process!

The tanker aircraft were seen plying back and forth constantly before dark storm clouds. This necessitates spraying with particular intensity, and this could be observed without difficulty countless times throughout the summer. At the same time - thanks to a favourable side-effect - the spraying of storm fronts increases the intensity of the electrical discharge, thereby promoting ozone-formation! In the polymer mixture, which is required in order to keep the aluminium dust suspended longer in the air, a cristallization process takes place after expulsion.

For this reason, the ideal proportion of aluminium is a delicate matter to determine, as an excess of the light metal leads to a too rapid descent of the aluminium-polymer-ice crystal compound. When the layman therefore looks heavenwards nowadays, he sees instead of the blue sky a diffusely shimmering bluish-white - and midsummer mists. As the quantity of spray material required is relatively small - no more than a few hundred litres per flight - the canisters can be stored in the aircraft toilets, or are welded into the fuel tanks themselves. The technique whereby the substances are mixed directly into the aviation fuel has apparently been abandoned, as it was found that this leads to undesired chemical combinations and side-effects.

The study, which is co-sponsored by a whole range of eminent institutes, universities, national laboratories and multinationals, sees in global warming unquestionably the most urgent environmental problem of our time. The Welsbach Patent, which had been granted just the year before in , surprisingly advocates an almost identical procedure.

One could almost gain the impression that the renowned Academy of Sciences is covertly promoting the patent holder, Hughes Aerospace! The chemtrail spraying programmes follow, as always, a rhythm of approximately one week. Spraying activity now often takes place in the nighttime, so that the aerosols can be carried upwards by the rising, warmer layers of air, and also in the early morning.

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As ultraviolet radiation is considerably increased in fine, cloudless weather, spraying takes place almost predictably on such days. To anyone who, after twice getting up early to observe the skies at dawn, is still unable to make out the chemtrails and what is causing them, I can only, with sincere regret of course, recommend the following: Visit the optician round the corner, or apply for a job at your local branch of the Secret Service!

Can what I see here with my own eyes, really be true? Can I still trust my own perception?

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Is it conceivable that our authorities could act with such audacity? I asked myself such questions over a period of almost 4 years when I was repeatedly confronted with the theoretical question of chemtrails, and their plausibility. I still had questions and serious doubts when, in February , I heard of the first chemtrail observations in Switzerland.

My doubts persisted until March 6th, when I stood on a bridge across the Rhine in Basel, looked up into the sky and finally knew for certain: The chemtrails are a fact, and they are now here too! I regard it as my duty to pass this phenomenology on, in as much detail as possible, to all who still have eyes to see. For when power is exercised, then it is often power by way of fear of the unknown. If I only guess or surmise something, then power works as fear by means of suppression. But only what I do not know, what I cannot place in a meaningful context, only this can give rise to fear, and thereby exert power over me. An arrogance that is confident the vassal will not dare to believe his eyes. This clearly asks, as has happened many times before in history, that those who suffer such humiliation should awaken. It demands our full attention, our determined resistance, and the strength to stand up to the cowardly and covert working of the weather manipulators and their accomplices.

The sword of truth that cuts through the tendon is the knowledge that the chemtrail phenomenon is a fact. These motions call for a comprehensive ban on space-based weapons systems, and Kucinich specifically listed chemtrails in this category. In the first week of June he was a panel member at a public hearing on chemtrails in Santa Cruz, California. Minkowski's essay given here -- the work for which he is most remembered outside the world of pure mathematics -- was first given orally to an audience composed of scientists but not primarily of physicists.

We hope that this republication of it continues the tradition of making important works of natural philosophy accessible to all. Edward H. Carus [ Monist 28, ] This is the translation quoted here. By signing up, you agree to our Privacy Notice.


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