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See G. If this is so, it adds a wonderful layer of irony to the scene, as G would also be a priest. Hugo would not have been at all averse to the heavy-handed approach of having not one, but two priests debate the role of God in the French Revolution. His actions also suggest a sophisticated degree of political awareness. His decision to accompany a condemned prisoner to the scaffold attired in purple and leaning on his crozier suggests an understanding of political theater worthy of John Paul II.

The quotation is from the novel: III: 3, 2. George Crafts. Hugo et l'amour des enfants et la douleur:. Hugo et ses petits-enfants:. Gefen, pp. Cette lecture remplace pp. Lisez pp. Cet extrait vous donnera une description de M. Dans ce chapitre, nous rencontrons l'inspecteur de police Javert, un personnage central. Guyard, I, 6, ii pp. Guyard, I, 7, iii pp. Madeleine en notant au moins deux des ironies qu'il confronte dans ce chapitre.

Cette description de M.

MISANTHROPE - Definition and synonyms of misanthrope in the French dictionary

Familiarisez-vous avec les Outils de lecture , pp. Tous les trois vous offriront des critiques et des commentaires. Voir le calendrier du prospectus. Guyard, V, 6, iv - V, 7, ii, pp. Gefen , pp. Qu'avez-vous appris?

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Grading of class, e-mail, and group participation:. The site discusses themes such as: the role of dialogue; research; pastiche; poetry; descriptive discourse; and the defence of the French language. The site provides very useful summaries of selected works, for example, Dangerous Liaisons, Rousseau's Confessions, Manon Lescaut, and the Illiad.

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