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Half the fun of selling is actually buying! Check your favourite eBay category and see what the hot-selling item is. Get onto the Web Google and research, research, research.

How and What to Sell on eBay to Make Money Right Now

Browse websites and online stores, and visit markets. Look for items that are popular, that you can get access to. Upscale department stores, trendy boutiques, outlet stores or flagship designer stores.

How To Start Making Money On Ebay In 5 Minutes - $4,366.59 Listed Today

Check out the newest items and then head to the clearance area or outlet store and scrutinise the bargain racks for brand-name items. Discount and bargain-basement stores. Often, international clearance product websites have great bargains but keep an eye out for fakes!

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Garage sales, renovation sales and moving sales. Op shops and charity stores. These shops are packed with used but usually good-quality items.

Steps to Getting Started and Growing an eBay Business

And you can feel good knowing that the money you spend in a non-profit shop is going to a good cause. Going-out-of-business sales. You can pick up bargains if a shopkeeper just wants to empty the shelves so the store can close. Gift shops. Souvenir stalls at museums, monuments, national parks and theme parks can provide eBay inventory but think about where to sell the items; part of your selling success on eBay is access.

For example, if you live in an out-of-the-way place that has a local specialty, try selling that at eBay. Figure out who would want the item first. Do consider buying in bulk, especially if you know the item sells well at eBay or if the item is inexpensive. If an item is inexpensive say 99 cents , buy at least five of it.

Anyone out there need any Bicentennial Commemorative coffee mugs?

9 Steps to Make a Living Selling On eBay

You can find hundreds of thousands of wholesale sellers on the internet. Many true wholesalers and manufacturers require you to buy in large quantities to get the best price, and with a little hard work and perseverance, you can find the right deals. Alibaba : This website lists hundreds of thousands of Asian suppliers, mainly from China, offering millions of products. Global Sources Direct : This site provides access to smaller quantities of goods manufactured in Asia, and organises shipping to your door. Beware of the cost of shipping. Here are a few organisational tips:.

Bag and categorise all your items. Use plastic sandwich bags and boxes — the boxes they sell at office supply stores to store old file folders are ideal. These boxes have lots of white space, so you have plenty of room for labelling the contents of each box. And the cut-out holes in the boxes act as handles for easy carrying. Try ChannelReply. As with most retail businesses, we sell on multiple online channels. Streamlining customer interactions from these marketplaces has been crucial to both our customers' experience and our growth.

ChannelReply has done a wonderful job in developing and supporting this functionality. Without ChannelReply it would be unmanageable to provide the level of satisfaction our customers expect out of Golfio. ChannelReply has given us the ability to organize our inquries to maximize turnaround and increase our efficiency when handling our marketplace requests.

We look forward to additional features ChannelReply is offering that will only increase our ability to service our customers across channels. Start 14 Days Free.

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  • No Credit Card Required. While this is rewarding, there is another type of entrepreneur who loves the thrill of hunting for treasures to resell. Both perspectives are valid methods for a profitable and fulfilling enterprise. Whichever attitude you happen to have, the same basic principles for success apply. An eBay business requires the same serious mindset as it does to open a brick-and-mortar store. After all, you actually own your own business. Consumers shop on their own time, in their preferred channels and compare across stores and prices.

    Get the study now. The latest fashion and technical trends will always be big sellers. I sell a variety of items in my eBay store, but there are those who specialize in a niche and do quite well. That is a choice for you to make. I personally think it is fun, interesting and more profitable to sell a variety of things. If you limit your inventory, you will need to sell in quantities that make it a worthwhile enterprise.

    You may need to start slow and see what resources you already have, such as what you have around the house to sell. Or, just ask friends and relatives if they have unwanted clothes or items that they want to get rid of. Even with limited resources and a slow start, if you are willing to think outside the box and mentally position yourself for success, you can succeed.

    On the other hand, maybe you have money to invest and you are ready to make your mark selling on eBay, and you just want to know what you can buy to make the most money. I am assuming, if you are reading this, that you are pursuing eBay as a profitable venture long-term, not just a way to purge your closet. With that premise and being totally foreign to the world of reselling, my advice is to first search out valuable good-selling products connected to your interests or area of expertise.

    Well, if you are passionate about or just knowledgeable about a particular area of interest, this could serve you well and launch your eBay business. The more products you have available to sell, the more you will sell, but you will need to decide how much profit margin money invested on an item versus how much you will pocket after fees will suit your needs and goals.

    A successful profit margin is an individual determination that only you can make for yourself. Inevitably, you will become pickier with your purchases and upgrade strategically, investing more money for greater profit margins. How you strategize will be determined by your own circumstances and goals. As you become more experienced with brands and profit-making products, you will evolve into a more savvy and discriminate reseller.

    How do you become adept at finding a money-maker when you see it? If you have no interest in learning about what sells in the marketplace, the eBay lifestyle may not be the right fit for you. What sells fabulously this year may not next year. By investing your time researching, you will lessen the risk of walking past a gold mine when you are out sourcing for items to sell on eBay, and you will know what to avoid.

    eBay & Second-Hand Selling Tips

    Be passionate and open to learning. Sign up for our weekly newsletter. To get an idea of what types of products are selling, try the eBay research tool I have created: ProductGenie. After logging in to ProductGenie you will be presented with a straightforward left navigation which contains 4 different features:. This feature has a very simple search form. Just type in a product niche you somewhat like or are passionate about. You know a decent enough amount of information about the sport in general and a little about the value of some tennis racquets. Go to the Keyword Research page by clicking on the left navigation tab named Keyword Research. Now you can take these buying terms and enter each, one at a time, into the keyword research tool to get more related keywords.

    This is not a list of keywords in eBay, but rather an exhaustive list of popular keyword phrases searched on Google. Monthly search volume is an estimate of how many times a keyword phrase was searched for in Google each month. The cost per click is also a fairly accurate estimate of what advertisers pay for a click in Google Advertising for the keyword.

    If a keyword phrase has a high CPC, that means it is making someone money, hence the high competition cost. This is a great way to find potential new products to sell or to find initial products to sell when you are first starting out on eBay.

    If you find a couple of very popular keywords that relate to the item you are going to sell, then that means more users may find your product if you include that extra keyword phrase in your item somewhere. Be sure to use relevant keywords.