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No other person I know does the things you do to words, William.

It is truly stunning. Do any scholars of the ancient texts agree with you? Stargates and portals? Not necessary to have a PhD for this. You are the one whose work is completely unbounded by the entire body of Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic knowledge accumulated since antiquity, not me.

Show me. Give me a break. Therefore, I and others must be vilified? Fundamentalist Christianity has longed since expunged me, William. I lost one job because of it, and have suffered financially for nearly 20 years because of it.


You are clueless when you link me to it. If you like, I can give you phone numbers and addresses of fundies who really dislike me. Ad hominem attack 3. Pa-lease, Mike. Get a clue. Get help. Get it. Make love, not war. Everything is okay. I stand rebuked here. Ad hominem attack 4 ego. A thought just hit me, William.

Just an observation. I hate plants. Or he had a bad hair day. I'm bald just kidding - and above too. However, as a person who believes in human rights and seeks to end religious oppression, it is my duty to speak out.

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Ironically, the data Mike brings forth to savage Sitchin. I asked listed him to provide refutations — to give me SOME indication that he is at all familiar with the Sumerian texts and ancient languages — yet he has offered nothing ditto for you, to this point as well — just another observation. Just wait!

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Where do the texts say anything about this? Yes, William, this is how scholarship in ancient material works. Otherwise, your interpretation is self-styled. So where do the ancients make this connection? Please produce the data. It also lends support to my theory that Jesus updated the stargate religion of Nibiru.

United by and beyond childlessness

Which text tells us about a stargate religion? For this I am thankful to the gems presented by Mike, and have chosen to post this commentary in hopes of furthering a dialog and opening new avenues of research on the subject of Nibiru as a stargate with interested parties, rather than burning the book s on it. You see, when Mike bellied up to the bar at college he got a full six pack alright, but he lacks the plastic thing to hold it all together. Like his Ph.

What I lack is your willingness to put words and ideas into the minds of ancient people without a scintilla of evidence for it. His information is strictly scholastic,. Mystics say the stars, planets and constellations are in the human body. This is basic logic known in philosophy as the correspondence view of truth. The inner Nibiru?. Again, classic Henry. Obfuscate the fact that all of us — every human being alive today — only know what we know about the ancients because they WROTE something down. Try interpreting material like WH does in real life. How many of us have an inner tax return?

An inner mortgage? Knowledge only transcends imagination and self-styled interpretation when we take the words of the ancients at their face value, using their own word meanings. Again, try enforcing a contract in real life like this or renting a video. Filling in the gaps,. Here we go — using this inner, divinatory approach, William will fill in the gaps for us. What I am offering is what these people actually said.

This is really where WH becomes inconsistent as well. While he seeks to cast his approach as a spiritual path to interpretation, he will make reference to written sources and cast aside the words. In their place he will take syllables, sounds, etc.

Saul's wars against Moab, Ammon, Edom, and Zobah

So, he is in fact at least partially dependent on them — but no one with any amount of linguistic training or foreign language expertise would agree with what he does with them. And "candidate" means all but dissertation - in my case, two masters degrees and 20 years worth of study. By the way, you seem to think the number of books sold is directly proportional to the amount of truth in the book, or its intellectual quality.

Mein Kampf has been a good seller for decades, and I recall some recent bestsellers by pro wrestlers. I am saying his work presented some connections for me that he, and other researchers of Nibiru, ought to consider. Now that I can believe. Yes, when the facts fly, people do get hit with them. Mike hammers out the law. Sitchin maintains. I pointed this out William. And we all borrow without attribution from a body of common knowledge without any ethical violation this is well within the bounds of both scholarship and common discourse — sorry for the scholast-ese.

Your insinuation about Jesus was indeed noticed. Hard to believe you can put Jesus on a lower ethical plane than yourself. This shows your ignorance of the ancient world as well. They had no concept of intellectual property as we do; everyone quoted freely from others. There was no ethical shadiness. The Sumerians would have been the ones that knew the facts about Nibiru.

No kidding — I laid out what they SAY. Mike never connects the two words star and gate to reveal the star- gate Nibiru. Well, I can agree that Jesus was the way to God John The stargate is the plastic thing. The Code Duella states that the challenged gets to pick the grounds and time for the debate. Far from strapping a Jewish carpenter to an instrument of torture, I propose the crucifixion was a stargate event.

How could the apostles and witnesses at the crucifixion have missed this? Just a thought. The whole idea running through both testaments is redemption by blood. Maybe WH will deny they had blood sacrifice in the OT. And that silly apostle Paul — he thought in I Corinthians 10 that Jesus was our Passover lamb, slain for the sins of the world. Jesus assembled the teachings and technology of Sumeria and other ancient civilizations and opened a gateway.

Hang on to your hats, folks. The English dictionary he used was also compiled, edited, and written before these languages were known. I find that it reveals surprisingly clear insight in simple terms. Even when those languages were unknown, undeciphered, and untranslated?? This approach is utterly absurd. Seems like a no-brainer. You decide for yourself — all you need is common sense, not a PhD in ancient languages.

Here we go — off to the Henry etymological fantasy land!! In what language? Before getting too excited, however,. I am trying to contain myself. Mike notes that in only a minority of cases those references in astronomical texts does the word Nibiru or Nebiru relate to an astronomical body. Mike also cites these meanings for Nibiru.