Guide 50 Ways to Calm Your Fussy Baby

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As a bonus, adding a few drops of a lavender- or chamomile-infused soap to the water may help soothe you as well. Just remember that some babies become stimulated by the bath. You can experiment with lotion or special baby massage oils, though neither is necessary. The motion may be all she needs to calm right down. Fresh air can also work wonders both for cranky babies and their bedraggled moms.

Five Proven Ways to Calm a Crying Baby

While it may feel beyond your powers to get ready for a walk when your child is fussing, you won't be sorry if you persevere. The change in light, air, temperature, sights, sounds and smells is likely to improve your baby's mood — and yours too. Even young babies can get bored — and if they do, it can cause them to get fussy. To keep your little one entertained, try narrating your actions, replete with silly noises and animated expressions.

You may also try sitting on the floor with her and showing her how her toys rattle and spin. Some babies love to look at and listen to you read a simple rhyming board book, while others get the giggles if you turn on some tunes and dance with them.

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If overstimulation seems to be the problem, take everything down a few notches. Dim the lights, turn off the music, put your phone on vibrate and just mellow out with your baby.

8 Great Tips and Guide on How to Manage a Fussy Baby

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First Year. Baby Products. Reviewed November 21, I'm giving birth to my first baby next month and have decided in advance to not be one of those parents who let their babies cry it out. If it means that I don't sleep for 3 years then so be it but this article really helped me with my decision. I might live to regret my words.

It's very interesting. Thanks for good tuttorial and good posting. Yes, unsoothable crying IS a major risk factor which is why my first born child was literally minutes from me smothering her after 4 straight months note: not weeks, MONTHS of next to no sleep. Sleep deprivation will rob you of your sanity and turn you into a self-protective monster. She did not soothe especially when carried due to sensory issues.

You do everything every the books and doctors tell you whether contradictory or popular or not. And still nothing works. She's inconsolable. You change pediatricians three times and still no answer. It's not just that easy as "pick them up and walk. I still remember six years later! I bounced her, swung her, walked on treadmills while carrying her in a front carrier on my chest, drove her all over, stood outside on freezing cold January nights with her bundled up against my chest in the dark at 2 am praying to God, begging for peace.

Unless you've had an infant like this, there's no way for anyone to know how DARK of a time it really is. Only the mentally tough can survive it and even then it nearly drives you insane. It does a number on your level of self esteem and insecurity. Articles and research like this are well-meaning but unless they are written by a mother who is a survivor, it just ticks me off.

The next time you see a story about an abused infant, I hope you are filled with compassion for the situation and not judgement, "She didn't pick up the child and walk. Ultimately my daughter was diagnosed with autism and all of the "she's just a colicky baby" was brain dysfunction and the inability to regulate eating, sleeping, self-soothing, sensory input etc.. I feel for any child who has been harmed or died at the hands of their protector but I will never judge anyone because I've seen the monster face to face that pushes you to the brink of yourself and only by the grace of God did we both survive.

We altered diets, did blood tests, took stool samples, tried everything in the world. She cried if you carried her and she cried if you held her and she cried if you walked with her and she cried if you laid her down. So I laid her down and actually slept with her screaming next to me in bed. You do what you have to do as a parent. A human being will respond to basic reward system. If a child responds when you do something for them, you will continue to do it.

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If she would have responded to me picking her up and walking with her, then I would have walked her all over creation. Listening to your baby's helpless cries while you do everything in your power without result take a tremendous toll on your mind and body. No amount of science or research is going to tell you the one rule that works for every baby because there is none.

You have to be as unique a parent as a fingerprint. I hope by sharing my story it helps some to understand. High-needs babies need a community of supporters willing to bring meals or take turns helping to walk the baby, bounce the baby, do something while the poor mother catches up on her sleep. Reading information like this back then made my depression not post-pardem but just helplessness worse. But for that mother that may see this, know this: You are exactly who your baby needs you to be. Do not lose hope. Keep trying. Find relief in neighbors, churches, moms groups.

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  • There are people out there who can help give you a break. They don't care that your house is filfthy because you haven't been able to lift a finger in weeks to clean. There are plenty of people out there who can help but you have to find the bravery and courage to ask for help. You can do it. We have a happy ending. She is six years old and reading up a storm. She still struggles with anxiety, intense emotions, sleep regulation and sensory-eating issues but she is happy, healthy and a delightful kid! They were very easy babies and validated what I already knew to be true, it was not my parenting skills but the child's high needs that made my first born's life so difficult.

    Thank you Jennifer, for so perfectly describing what I and my infant daughter went through. I remember feeling so useless to my child that I wondered frequently whether I shouldn't just end it all. Pediatricians were no help: "Well, babies cry, that's normal.

    5s Method for Soothing a Baby

    Even my endlessly patient husband lost his temper after so much sleep deprivation. As it turned out, our daughter is on the spectrum, but she is donig wonderfully now that she is school-aged. She has to do without siblings though, because I knew another baby like her would literally kill me. Jennifer, your story was so heartfelt.

    I'm very grateful that you shared your emotions and all its intensity. Many mothers with fussy babies would have opted for the passive approach. I'm glad you were persistent and was able to get clarity. My childhood friend was less fortunate. Again, thanks for sharing your truth. Jennifer, that was my thought when I read that article. I have one calm child and two inconsolable ones.

    The child abuse problem occurs when you carry your Baby and you carry it and carry it. And it screams and screams and screams. That can push a parent over the edge. This advice works well for normal babies. Not for the high-need kind. And can be very hurtful for their mothers. They were happy babies, they had a well rested happy mom. No fuss, except for when they were sick. A baby that learned how to fall asleep on his own, will cry for a couple of days only, and never again. Babies who never learned it cry waaaaaaayyyy tooo much more every single day!!!

    Moms get tired of that no matter how much you LOVE your baby, and dads dont want to have more because it drives them insane! It is not fun!!! Thank you Jennifer. I was in the similar boat but for only 3 months. Once I figured that I'm doing everything I can to soothe my baby, and many other people did everything they could, I figured it was time to just lay her down and let her cry beref to sleep.